We should never forget the phrase in Latin: 'In Vino Veritas' ('In Wine There Is Truth').

If you come to Hungary and rent a holiday apartment from us, you will understand the meaning of that saying in several ways.

It can happen that you visit Budapest and Hungary and you book accomodation only in Budapest, you reserve a place to stay in a dormitory, a single room or a double room in a youth hostel, a room in a self catering apartment or in a hotel. As you spend just a couple of days in Budapest, you haven't much time to visit whole Hugary, the traditional country side, to travel from place to place to visit some of the 22 Hungarian wine regions to get first-hand experience about the country's great variety of wines. What can you do if you stay in your room, in one of the tourist apartments in Budapest? At least let to wing your imagination and get some nice moments in Budapest, in one of our traditional wine-respecter apartments during you drink the presented traditional wine and read some information about the hungarian wines, the cellars, the grape types and the way of producing of the world famous hungarian wines.

The traditional self catering apartments in Budapest are family-owned and operated and the complimentary bottle of wine is family produced.

The accommodations are in the best locations in Budapest and at Lake Balaton, in Balatonszemes. The wines are from distinctive regions around Hungary and produced in small vineyards to capture the character and history of the place.



Ibn-Rostech, the Arabian writer mentions Hungarian vine growing already in his Xth century chronicle. Vine growing and wine production after the Original Settlement of the Magyars was based upon three things: the Greek-Celtic tradition, the Roman tradition, and the knowledge of the Hungarians brought along from the East.

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Visit some of the 22 Hungarin wine regions to get first-hand experience about the country's great variety of wines.

These regions boast not only with excellent quality wines but beautiful scenery and interesting sights. Besides wine tasting the major Hungarian wine regions have colourful programs to enterteain visitors.

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From the Hungarian wines those from Somló and from Tokaj appear in the formularies. China jars with their names on them can be seen in the pharmacies even today. Books about the health-giving effects of wine were already written in the antiquity. It was used for the treatment of wounds, against headache and for curing gastric diseases. Hippocrates, the father of medicine considered it useful and recommended it as well. Pliny devoted a book to medicinal wines.

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Old Testament

In the Holy Scripture wine production is first mentioned in the book of Genesis:
Noah, who was the first tiller of the soil, planted a vineyard. He drank so much of the wine that he became drunk and lay naked inside his tent.
(Genesis, 9. 20-21.)
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A French gourmand was talking to the Prince of Wales about the art of wine-drinking.
At a great wine we look at its play in the glass, breathe in its fragrance and then...
- We drink it! - the prince interrupted.
- Oh, no, prince - the gourmand went on - first we talk about it.

(Grimod de la Reyniere)

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As for the territorial structure of vine varieties - considering wine-grapes giving white, quality wines - the Italian Riesling stands on the first place. It is followed by the Müller-Thurgau (Rizlingszilváni) then the Furmint. Considering wine-grapes giving red, quality wines the Kékfrankos is the most widespread. It is followed by the Zweigelt, the Kékoportó and the Cabernet Sauvignon. The white- and the blue grape varieties are arranged according to ripening order.

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General Rules of the Harmony of Wines and Dishes

Wines, Dishes, Colours and Flavours

The perception and assessment of flavours, bouquets and aromas is governed by the combined effects of complex physical, physiological, psychological, emotional, symbolic and cultural factors.

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Wine and fish

What wine should be selected for fish?

For many of us, the answer is very simple: only white wine goes with fish. But it is not quite that simple. Save for a few exceptions, the basic flavour of fish is weak and neutral, with a slight, sweet aftertaste. Therefore fish is prepared with base materials, spices and sauces which have more aroma and flavour.

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Wine and cheese

Camembert and brie cheeses

Their fat contents is usually high - 45-47% -, most of them are made of pasteurised cow-milk. Light dry champagne and white wines poor in alcohol and acid are recommended to them.

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Serving wine

The way of serving wine is very important in the wine culture.Wine is served by certain rules implying the selection of wine and presentation of the bottle containing wine,opening the bottle,pouring wine with previously adjusted temperature in the proper glasses and moderate wine consumption without exceeding the bounds of drunkeness.

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