Wine and cheese

Camembert and brie cheeses
Their fat contents is usually high - 45-47% -, most of them are made of pasteurised cow-milk. Light dry champagne and white wines poor in alcohol and acid are recommended to them.
Soft and oily cheeses
Most of them are made of pasteurised cow-milk. They like to be accompanied by Riesling rich in acids and mild red wine poor in tannin.
Goat's milk cheeses
White wines aged for long in casks and red wines with no fruit fragrance suit to them.
Semi hard cheeses
Most of them are made of row cow milk. They harmonise with white- and red wines with high alcohol contents and rich in acids.
Hard cheeses
These cheeses - e.g. Edam, Cheddar, Parmesan - are aromatic, acidic, pleasantly bitterish. Wines with high tannin contents can be recommended to them as they emphasise the tannic contents.
Blue cheeses
These cheeses - e.g. Roquefort, Stilton, Gorgonzola - are fatty, heavy, but rich in flavour. They can be enjoyed best with white wines with high, natural sugar contents. This requirement is mostly met by the AszĂș of Tokaj.