Serving wine

The way of serving wine is very important in the wine culture.Wine is served by certain rules implying the selection of wine and presentation of the bottle containing wine,opening the bottle,pouring wine with previously adjusted temperature in the proper glasses and moderate wine consumption without exceeding the bounds of drunkeness. When selecting the wine in a restaurant, a guest can make his own choice matching it with previously selected dish and the waiter or chef are at his service.Sometimes there is a specialized staff,sommelier or the waiter,serving wine. Every good restaurant disposes of appropriate wine list showing the guest the data on the type of wine,vintage year,quality category,sugar and alcohol contents, volume and certainly,its price.

Bottles of 0,75 lit filled with quality and premium wines are shown to a guest without a serviette if the bottle is dry or with a cloth serviette if the bottle is wet. While presenting a bottle to a guest, the waiter holds it at the bottom with one hand and with the other on the neck. After that, you can open the bottle of wine. You open the bottle of wine by removing alu-cap wrapping the stopper and then,you wipe that part with a serviette and then,open the bottle with a screwcap.It is proper to pull the corkstopper from the neck 70-80% of its length. The screwcap is then pulled out and then the corkstopper is pulled out by a thumb and index finger.This way you avoid creating the vacuum in the bottle as you suddenly pull out the stopper, when a part of the aromatic substances leave the wine. Then, you put the stopper on the previously prepared coaster or a tray with a serviette and show it to a guest. There is a certain order at pouring the wine in the bottles,so when you open it ,you pour small amount of the wine either to the guest or to the host in order to check the wine safety and remove the remains of the corkstopper. Then, you pour some wine into another glass so that you can evaluate the colour,smell and taste.As you have confirmed that the wine is proper and healthy,you pour it into the glasses,from right to the left side,without taking the glasses in your hands. You give priority to a 'special guest' or to a 'lady', showing them respect in such a way. You never fill the glasses up to the top.Red wine is poured up to 1/2 of a glass,white and champagne at 2/3.Then,the person pouring down the wine should stand at decent distnace at the right side from the guest with the left hand,bent on the back. The label should be visible to the guest to whom the wine is poured.The one who ordered the wine is served last and his glass will be poured with some more wine.

One white and two red wines is the right combination with well prepared dish.Four to five served wines are a real gastronomic séance, when you can serve two white wines or white and rose with appetizer or fish as well as two reds with roast and cheeses served at the end of the meal,as well.

You should serve mineral or soda water with the wine,without mixing them with it.