The Rent In Hungary accomodation provider site (Rent In Hungary) is owned by a group of private owners. Booking acceptance is subject to to the availability of the indicated apartment and to the payment of the requested deposit in advance, only at the moment when Rent In Hungary will send the written confirmation (by fax or e-mail). If there are any unforeseen changes or problems with your reservation, we will automatically contact You for your approval/instructions, before arranging a reservation for you. In the event that the apartment of your choice is fully booked at the time of submitting your reservation request, Rent In Hungary will offer you an alternative apartment with similar price, quality and location. Of course, Rent In Hungary will not proceed with an alternative reservation without your prior approval. After you submit the secure online booking form, you will be notified within short time by email of your reservation confirmation, including of full booking details, street map showing the apartment's location, apartment's cancellation policy, apartment telephone number, etc - you will have all the information that you need.


Not always, but in special situation, Rent In Hungary keeps a right to ask the payment in advance of the 20% of the price for the apartment at the confirmation of the reservation, while the payment in full shall be done upon your arrival to the apartment. Prices required are expressed in HUF or in EUR. Our prices include taxes, electricity, hot and cold water, heating, gas, household linen and the assistance of our staff during your stay.


The cancellation of the reservation on behalf of the guest gives to Rent In Hungary the right to request the following percentages on the total rental of the apartment: from 30 days to arrival : 20% no repayment in case of interruption of the set out stay.


In the eventuality in which it would become a necessity to propose a different apartment from the settled one, or in the case of the cancellation of a before confirmed reservation, Rent In Hungary will try to keep immediately in touch with you and to find an accommodation with features very similar to the ones requested. If this shouldn't be possible or if you disagree with this alternative the contract will be dissolved and if you paid, the deposit of the apartment will be paid back to you. Nothing else must be expected from Rent In Hungary.


The regular rules are that the apartment is delivered at 14.00 o'clock on the arrival day and must be cleared till 11.30 o'clock on the last day of Your stay. If there is a possibility, of course we offer you a flexible check in and check out time. You can always leave your luggage in the apartment if you have late afternoon or evening departure.


The description of the apartment shows the highest number of persons, who can be lodged in. Only by previous agreement, by fax or e-mail, the number of the guests can be increased. Otherwise, Rent In Hungary as the owner, reserves the right to decline the reservation or to dissolve the contract.


Rent In Hungary gives you the apartment clean, supplied with linen and all basic things you need for a short stay.


All building rules and regulations must be observed. Between 10 pm and 8 am apartment occupiers shall not make any loud noise. In the event that you will not follow the building rules and regulations, (such as noise etc. during the mentioned hours) and those stated by Rent In Hungary reserves the right to drive you immediately away from the apartment without having to refund you. Moreover Rent In Hungary will require a payment for any damages caused. Clients are requested to leave the fridge clean, the dishes washed, the apartment in order, assembling all used linen on the divan and the kitchenware on the table. In case the apartment's keys are lost, Rent In Hungary will be allowed to charge the amount of 50,00 Euro, which includes the change of the safety lock. In case you will forget the keys inside the apartment and our staff 's presence is required to open the door, we will be allowed to charge the amount of 40,00 Euro.


Your contract with us is governed by the Hungarian Law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hungarian Court.


These include events which are caused as a result of the airport strikes, adverse weather conditions (high tide, etc), fires, etc. or any other occurrences outside our direct control and which cannot have been avoided even with all due care taken. Just in these cases the previous points will louse validity!

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