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Balaton Sunshine's Riesling

Where is the apartment? What is the locality like?

Balatonszemes is a very good choice in many aspects to spend the holidays. It's central location gives you many possibilities to reach easily and quickly the other villages and thermal baths in the neighbourhood and the northern side aswell. From the port very often leave ships to the sights of the northern and southern coast of the lake. If you just want to relax, recharge yourself, engage in sports or fishing, you don't have to leave the village at all. The house on the pictures can be found on the shore of Lake Balaton, opposite the entrance of the local beach. It's about 200-250 meters far from the port and the center of the village, where the shops and entertainment facilities can be found. A non-paying beach is also available within 100 meters.

What does the accomodation comprise of?

There are four apartments in the house, each has two balconies and a view to the lake. All flats are separated. Only the garden is shared where the cars can be placed. Each apartment is fully furnished and well-equipped. In the kitchen you can find a coffee-machine, toaster, microwave-oven, electric stove, fridge and all the dishes and spices. The bathroom is equipped with tub and separated from the toilet. The living room and the 1-2 bedrooms give enough space for a comfortable accomodation of 1-6 persons. Sat-TV is also available in each apartment. On the balcony facing to the south and to the north you can relax, take the sun, dine, and in the evenings it's a perfect place for long talking beside the wine-glasses.

All inclusive Prices in EURO for the whole apartment Persons
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 JUNE - 30 JUNE
nights: max 30 (flex)
nights: max 30 (flex)
nights: max 30 (flex)

This price includes

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, relax, sandy beach, green grass, gentle, cool waves in the lake, hot adventures, drinking light, cooled balaton Riesling wines on the shady terraces outside of the apartments, light wines mixed with icy soda, tasty fish dishes, great athmosphere, all these come true if you come to Balatonszemes, which is one of the most evocative villages on the southern side of the lake and if you stay in one of our apartments by the Balaton.
Two-three rooms apartments by the lake Balaton! Try the real hungarian summer feeling in our holiday house, hang your feet by the lake and let to support your mood by the famous local wine, called Balaton Riesling! Anyway, with the wine or without the wine, it is a fact, Balatonszemes is a very pleasant place for holiday if you choose good accommodation and you stay in one of our holiday apartments!
If you are interested in this offer please contact us for full details.

Registration information:

Following the regulations required by law regarding the registration of accommodation, we inform all our current and future guests that the type of accommodation is "other accommodation" and the registration number: EG19021305



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